At PORTS, we love Coffee and Tea. And we believe every New Yorker deserves a great cup. Definitely everyone in Chelsea does. Making your way to work on a sweaty summer morning. Fighting through the gallery tour crowds on the weekend. Fueling for a night out or just perking up for a date. Something to hold you over till noon on a Sunday so you can finally get that bloody mary.

We get it. We need one too. But why not make it a great cup. One that’s full of flavor. One where you can actually taste the notes of honey, chocolate, caramel and citrus the way you’ve heard people describe coffee before and pretended to agree. That kind of coffee actually exists and it tastes really really good. But you don’t have to be a coffee snob or a hipster to appreciate it. You can just come to PORTS.

And if a cup of tea is your cup of tea, then you’re in for a real treat. Because let’s face it. when was the last time you were offered an oolong tea at a coffee bar? Exactly.